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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cherating And Sungai Ular

Cherating Beach Resort, well known for its beautiful beaches. Tourist comes here for its beauty and a good tan. Club Med is also on this part of the beach, which had host many tourists in the past years. This is the pride of Pahang State.

Limbong Art, a shop with everything, from decor to personal wears. Collections comes mainly from countries around Asia. All under one roof.
In the afternoon, tourists will come here to learn about batik painting, you will have to buy your own materials, plain scarfs, table cloth, curtain or shirts and even tools and accesories for self practise if you choose to learn the art of Batik.

On the balcony, overlooking the roofs of the kampung houses.

What a Masterpiece!

Tranquil in Sungai Ular.
The Right Time,
The Right Place,
The Right Weather.
Boats docking at the bay.
Mee Rojak Ayam, the best in Sungai Ular, not far from Cherating.
This Mee Rojak Ayam consist of Noodle, top with half hard boiled egg, deep fried dough, some chillis, sliced cucumbers and the crunchy spicy peanut sauce over it, lots of it!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Kijal, Kemaman, Kuala Kemaman and Pantai Geliga


Otak Otak, fish paste with hot spices wrapped in coconut leaves, cooked over the fire.

Lemang, a Malay delicacy, glutinous rice with salt and coconut milk in the bamboo. To eat with curries,
beef serunding or just plain is also nice.
Balik-balikkan(turning) the bamboos, to make sure the glutinous rice is cooked all round.


Kemaman River, the enchanting river, ever flowing towards the South China Sea. In the mornings you can see the sunrise, strollers taking their time to enjoy the great view of the river. Some people drove there to have breakfast or legs high up on the dasboard, taking a nap in the car...hahahahaha.

I just grew twice in size. Had 2 breakfasts that morning. Couldnt resist Nasi Dagang at the Malay eatery and the thick yummy toasts, spread with butter and kaya, without amiss the famous aroma coffee at Hai Peng.
Can't blame me. I love food.

Tuah Pek Kong Temple, Kemaman. The only Taoist Temple in Kemaman.
Sunrise in Kuala Kemaman.
Ahead lies Pantai Marina. Its a beautiful sight in the morning. So quiet and serene, the fishy smell around me, fishermen starts their day of activities, while I stood here waiting for the sun to rise.

Soil erosion caused many damages to the houses along the beaches. I hope the Government will do something about this before it gets worse. Worried for the unfortunate ones.

A sleepy village in the late afternoon.
Nothing exciting in this hour of the day. You can see people hanging around, looking down with a frown, what can be found? but just a dusty ground.
Kunita, Fishery Group
for the women in
Kuala Kemaman District.
Women here also plays an important role in the fishery business.

Malaysian Fishery
Development Board.

Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia.

Sea shells for sale

Tending their nets and their boats

All in the family. The love of their lives, fishing. They survive with skills brought down from generation to generation.

Fishermen at work. Getting ready for the next sail-out for a good catch later.

Looks messy but interesting.

Pakcik tua taking an afternoon nap.

Beyond is Pantai Marina, you can go there by boat or if you prefer the country drive along the coastal way, i believe its about 30 minutes drive from here.

Care for a cuppa?We have Nescafe. I preferred mine, Shaken But Not Stir.. hahaha...

Kampung Houses in Kuala Kemaman, on stilts, at least 6-10 ft high above ground level.

Platform to dry the fishes. Good price for salted fish. Some will be made into fish crackers. An interesting sight when the activity for this is in full capacity.

The Keropok Lekor will be boiled before packing and for deep fried.

Keropok of all kinds, packed ready.

Keropok Lekor, rolled fish cake, deep fried or steamed are equally good. Dip with chilli sauce.

Satar, tasty delicacy, made from minced fish with dessicated coconut, galangal and other ingredients. Nice with plain rice.

Akok, local cake, rich in coconut milk, sweet and crisp on the outer. It must be eaten hot. Only can be found in Terengganu.

Kuih Baulu, traditionally baked. My favorite. I craved for this since childhood when I was in Malacca. And the ones I found in KL were all baked like any other cakes that goes soft the next day. Thanks to Abang, who had found me the original Kuih Baulu in Kuala Kemaman. Ripley's Believe It or Not, the ones he bought me, lasted for 8 days. Still fresh and crispy.

Sunrise in Pantai Geliga, Kemaman.

I finally saw the Sunrise just before I departed for Kuantan.Posted by Picasa